rabala and company advocatesRabala & Company Advocates is an innovative, specialized, and flexible law firm specializing on commercial and corporate law, tax consulting and legal consulting. We strive to deliver quick and reliable legal, advisory and representation advisory services to our clients.
We tailor our services to the unique needs and precise requirements of the client and always offer a comprehensive, sound, logical and accurate solutions and advice and solutions that the clients can, with confidence, rely on and use.
Our performance is unmatched and exemplary and is accompanied with a competitive pricing policy.

A key strength of our team is the diverse and depth of expertise in their fields. Our Firm has a combination of talents which include highly trained lawyers, certified public secretaries, accountants and tax experts. Our people utilise their skills, knowledge and experience as well as working as a team to provide up to date advice.

Legal Services

IMG_1993We serve our clients in all areas of the law, including but not limited to: Litigation and dispute resolution, tax law, estate planning, Litigation and dispute resolution, conveyance, Intellectual

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Tax Consulting

law_5We strive to provide seamless and effective tax advice to our clients. Our Firm has a combination of talents which include highly trained lawyers, accountants and tax experts. Taxes that we advice about include: 

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Legal Consultancies

iStock_000017467705MediumWe provide legal consultancy on various areas including: development of policy and legal drafting, public sector advisory, risk, legal audit and compliance and in-house training.

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